What should a good coil do

The characteristics that a good coil should have: 1. Convenient and practical. That kind of thick dictionary book is too heavy to carry around, and half of your hand is stuck in it when writing, which is totally unacceptable for most people. The book must be able to spread out at 180 degrees, and the coil book can meet the requirements.
2. Does not bleed water. Taking into account that some of the characters are bad, they are very picky, so I started picking paper again. The combination of paper and pen and ink is more personal, but some notebooks are really not suitable for pens.
3. Durable. This is also very important. The coil notebooks are not too bad for everyone. The quality gap of the adhesive notebooks is very obvious. Many notebooks are scattered after half of the use. This is very important.


Post time: Nov-17-2020

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