How to use paper notebooks efficiently?

If you want to use the notebook for a long time, we must take protective measures. You can also buy a notebook with a plastic cover or a thicker cover.
The first method is to write down the concept on the left and sample questions on the right. This way you can see it at a glance, and there are sample questions next door to help you understand.
The second method-some unused notebooks, there are not many left, we can tear it off, and then punch holes to make loose-leaf notebooks. Loose-leaf notebooks can be used to record multiple things without knowing whether to write forward or backward because of the number of pages.
The third method-used to make English recitation books. Write English words on the left and Chinese meanings on the right. When reciting, you can cover one side with your hand to recite, which is more convenient and more efficient than copying.
The fourth method-take notes according to categories, or something that needs to be recorded in daily life. For example, you can use a notebook to record what you said wrong today, write it down, and mark it next door. Such as life, study, and work can be divided into small categories.


Post time: Dec-11-2020

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