• Post time: Dec-14-2020

    1. A sense of design The cover is good-looking. Even if the photo is taken well, the design is simple. This is very simple; the other part is to rely on all kinds of dead details and think from the perspective of the user to slowly polish it. This is difficult. The soul of a book is often In thes...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • Post time: Dec-11-2020

    If you want to use the notebook for a long time, we must take protective measures. You can also buy a notebook with a plastic cover or a thicker cover. The first method is to write down the concept on the left and sample questions on the right. This way you can see it at a glance, and there are s...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • Post time: Nov-20-2020

    Two advantages of paper notes: 1. Avoid digital interference. In order to solve the various interrupted situations that are easy to occur when using digital work, especially the digital work situation in action, this is usually the most common situation for notes. Unless...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • Post time: Nov-17-2020

    The characteristics that a good coil should have: 1. Convenient and practical. That kind of thick dictionary book is too heavy to carry around, and half of your hand is stuck in it when writing, which is totally unacceptable for most people. The book must be able to spread out at 180 degrees, and...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • 2020 Q2 New Collection Launched – Paperleap
    Post time: Jun-10-2020

    Here comes our second collection UNIVERSE as brand “Paperleap”! As before, this collection includes different types of notebooks including wire-o notebook, stapled notebook, case bound notebook etc. In modern life, whether you are busy learning or working, it’s always good to have your own...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • New Heidelberg Machinery in Place!
    Post time: Jun-05-2020

    Good quality and on-time delivery could be hardly achieved without good machines. Despite the influence of corona virus, our business is still booming. A second Heidelberg SPEEDMASTER CD102 4 color Printing machine was bought and installed within 2 weeks! The big fellow prints at speeds of up to...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • 2020 Q1 New Collection Launched – Paperleap
    Post time: Apr-01-2020

    Hey! New season new product! We launched our very first collection as brand “Paperleap”. Waiting for you to fill in those notebooks with your own ideas and notes. P.S. We are open to different forms of cooperation. OEM & ODM are both workable here : ) Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • Ang pagtambong sa Ika-124 nga komyun Fair - 2018.10.31 ngadto sa 2018.11.4
    Post panahon: Nov-26-2018

    Kami mitambong sa ika-124 nga komyun Fair gikan sa Oktubre 31 ngadto sa Nobyembre 4 sa 2018 (Booth No. 3.2F11). Sa atong unang exhibition, ang mga butang nga atong gipresentar naglakip sa wire-o notebook, casebound notebook, ehersisyo mga libro, pagkamaunat-unat notebook, mga kaso lapis ug uban pa Duha ka koleksyon Pretty Paraiso ug Summer Fun nga mga disenyo ...Basaha ang dugang pa »

  • Publikasyon Printing Industry Regulations Training - 2018.10.8 ngadto sa 2018.11.4
    Post panahon: Nov-26-2018

    Sa atong kinatibuk-ang manager ug sales manager mitambong sa usa ka pagbansay-bansay sa Hangzhou nga gipahigayon pinaagi sa Province Administration sa Press, Publikasyon, Radio, Film ug Television sa Zhejiang sa usa ka mas maayo nga pagsabut sa mga regulasyon mga publikasyon sa pag-imprenta. Atol sa training, si Propesor Jialin Pu gidapit sa usa ka ...Basaha ang dugang pa »

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