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  • Attending 124th Canton Fair – 2018.10.31 to 2018.11.4

    Attending 124th Canton Fair – 2018.10.31 to 2018.11.4

What we do?

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Ningbo Hengchen Printing Development Co., Ltd. was founded in the year of 1996 as a small shop printing flysheet for product promotion. Since the very beginning, we’ve been lavishing patience and passion on our business. As time went on, our skills got sharpened, our equipment list got longer and our product range got expanded. We’ve provided millions of notebooks, diaries, agendas, exercise books to retailers and importers to the world through trading companies. In 2017, we bought and moved into a standard workshop of 14300 square meter, which is only 10km away from Ningbo port. In 2018, we gained FSC and BSCI certificates, developed our first new collection for BTS and started direct business with customers abroad. Till now, we’ve witnessed many changes, but the only thing remain unchanged is our commitments to quality. All our products undergo a rigorous quality assurance process with uncompromising attention to our core value. Our story is still going and why not join us in this remarkable journey?

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